Delivering the Bowling Ball
Part 1

In order to bowl well, you need to be able to consistently deliver the bowling ball down the lane and to the pins. You will need to develop a relaxed, repeatable swing. Just like in the game of golf, tension is the enemy because it causes an inconsistent and inaccurate swing. Power is generated from the legs, not from your swing-side arm.

The swing is a pendulum motion. Once the ball is put in motion, the ball should follow a straight path. Just like a weight on the end of a string, the ball simply swings in an arc. Each time a pendulum swings, it will take the same amount of time to complete the motion. After you set the bowling ball in motion, all you need to do is walk along side the ball until you finally bend your knee and release the ball. The length of your arm will determine how long it takes for the ball to complete the swing. This is the amount of time you have to walk up to the line and release the bowling ball. You must match your footwork to your swing. A tall bowler with long arms will need slower footwork than a short bowler with short arms. The synchronization of your footwork and your swing is known as timing.

There are a couple of things about you that can affect the pendulum motion. First, the ball and socket joint of your shoulder can move in more than one plane. Your goal is to relax and minimize any muscle movement. Second, your arm has an elbow which can bend. Once again your goal is to relax and not muscle the ball to the line. Third, you do have muscles which can contract. Your goal is to relax and let the ball swing, don't muscle the swing. By staying relaxed when you practice, it will be possible for you to develop a consistent swing.

There are several things to consider as you deliver the ball. This handout covers the stance and pushaway.


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Lower Body

Spine, Head & Shoulders

Swing Arm & Hand

Slide-side Arm & Hand







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