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Professor: Candy Smith

Office:  FL1-145

Telephone: (916) 608-6626

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Welcome to the web site for courses taught by Candy Smith at Folsom Lake College.  Congratulations in enrolling in an online course.  Your instructor for this course is Candy Smith.


How to Access the Course:
Your course can be accessed through the World Wide Web at
We recommend that you access the course using the Mozilla Firefox web browser. 
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How to Login to the Course:
Once you enter the Desire to Learn or D2L site for Folsom Lake College, you will find detailed login instructions.  If this is your first experience with the D2L system your login instructions are as follows:

Your username will be your student number with a lower case “w” in front of it.

Your password is your birth-date mm/dd/yyyy.

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Once you have logged into the D2L system a personalized welcome screen will welcome you to the D2L site and show you all the courses you have enrolled in that are supported by a D2L site.  This screen will provide you with direct links to the specific course sites listed.  To access these course sites, click on the name of the course, this is the link to the course site.


Individual Course Sites:
Each course that you have enrolled in, which has an individual site may be accessed by clicking on the course name.  The name of the course is an actual link to that specific course web site.  Course web sites are designed by the instructors who teach your course.  Each site may be different.  The course instructor has the ability to customize course web sites to meet the specific educational needs of that specific course.  Typically you will find the following links to specific course information on the course D2L site: the Course Syllabus, Course Assignments, Course Information, Course Materials, Instructor Information, Course Exams, Course Communications including: Email, Discussion Boards, Virtual Classroom, Messages Course Tools including: Gradebook, and Personal Information.

Textbook information for the Fall 2009 semester is found at:

Candy Smith