CISC 310 ONLINE                    Intro to CIS                                                   

What the Course is About:

Computers have and continue to transform our world in amazing and profound ways.  This course is an overview of computers: from ones and zeros - to how software is created and how it works -  to the innards of the world wide web.  Most of the course is more about “how computers work”, than “how to work a computer”, although there is some of the latter in the course.  It is useful knowledge for anyone planning on living in the modern world.  It is essential knowledge for those interested in working in any field that is even remotely related to computers.


Where is the Course?

This is an online course.  The course is administered thru a website maintained by the instructor, that’s me!  If you are enrolled in this class, I will send an email to your Losrios email account with the website URL.  You should get this email by Monday or Tuesday of the first week of the semester/period.  If you do not get an email from me, please make sure your losrios email is activated, then send me an email from that account.  You must use the Losrios email system for this class, as you will get emails from me on a regular basis, so make sure your Losrios email is working!!


As soon as you have access, you can begin work. Once you access to the class website, the first thing you should do is read the syllabus posted there.  The syllabus has detailed information on how the course works, what the assignments will be, grading policy, final exam date and time, etc..



There is no in-person orientation.


Quizzes and Exams:

Quizzes are online.  There is a mandatory in-person final exam to be administered on the FLC main campus during finals week.  Details will be provided in the syllabus after you are enrolled.