Instructor:  Kay Robinette E-Mail:     

See syllabus for lab/office hours and home office hours.


Education - MS, Human Resources Management, Golden Gate University
                  BS, Business Administration, Sacramento State University

Experience - Twenty + years experience in business and government as
                     an accountant, budget analyst, auditor, logistician, and manager.

Teaching - Fifteen years Business teaching EDC and FLC
         Business Communications,
         Business English,
         Administrative Procedures
         Keyboarding, Formatting, Speed & Accuracy Building,
         Keyboarding - 10 key


Course Title Location Units Link to:
BUSTEC 102 Computer Keyboarding: 10-Key FLC/EDC 1 Syllabus
BUSTEC 302 Computer-Keyboarding FLC/EDC 2 -
BUSTEC 303 Computer-Keyboarding Formatting FLC/EDC 2 -
BUSTEC 304 Keyboard Speed-and-Accuracy Building FLC/EDC 2 -

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