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Office: Aspen Hall (FL1)-144

Phone: (916)-608-6674

email: pipkink@flc.losrios.edu


Summer Semester 2016
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Math 335 (Trigonometry w/College Algebra): information Summer 2016

D2L for enrolled students Handouts for Math 335


Math 335 Textbook (Summer 2016)


Fall Semester 2016

These links will be opened before the start of the semester in August.

Math 400 (Calculus I): information Fall 2016

Math 402 (Calculus III): information Fall 2016

Math 400 and 402 Textbook (Fall 2016)
Calculus Book information



Folsom Lake College Resourses
Graphing Software

Los Rios GMail and Google Apps

Los Rios GMail info. file: how to forward emails, etc.

Folsom Lake College Math Department:

Assessment and Orientation:

Virtual TI - 83 Graphing Calculator: (Download this .zip file. Just like the 'real' thing.)

Free Graphing software 1: (WZGrapher Download .exe . Small file but very useful.)

Free Graphing Software 2 : (MathGV Download from this website.)

Online Graphing tool: DESMOS (very good tool)


Math Links

Graph Paper Grids (6): (This file is in pdf format.)

Graph Paper Grids (9): (This file is in pdf format.)

Polar Graph Grids: (This file is in pdf format.)

Polar Graph Grids (2): (This file is in pdf format.)

Handouts by subject:

CPM Math: (good for conic sections)

InteractMath (Goes with Pearson Publishing Textbooks.)