“Imagine a world, even a workplace, in which we really did use all the talent, all the skills, all the gifts that people bring. Imagine the additional energy that would be poured into our institutions if each person was genuinely valued for all that she or he is, not in spite of color, class, orientation, religion, ability, or gender, but because of it. Imagine. And let's get to work."      --Frances E. Kendall, Ph.D


Welcome to Folsom Lake College’s web page for the Multicultural Subcommittee.  The purpose of this site is to provide faculty and students with information (research, essays, bibliographies, hyperlinks to off-campus websites) about multiculturalism, diversity and education.  Click onto one of the links below to access these pages. 



The Multicultural Subcommittee’s Mission Statement & Membership

Moving Beyond “Diversity Lite (OpEd)

Hate Crimes on College Campuses

10 Ways to Fight Hate

Women’s Resource Center at CSUS

The SHARE Institute (and photos of Dr. Soheir Stola’s talk on Globalization and Women)

White Privilege and Institutionalized Racism


National Center for Education Statistics on Racial/Ethnic Minorities

NCORE (National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education)

Reports on Workshops and  Photos

Racialicious: a Blog about the Intersection of Race and Pop Culture

African-American Culture

            African American Museum & Library at Oakland

Chicano/Latino Culture

Asian-American Culture: Asian Resources in Sacramento

Arab-American Culture:  Arab American National Museum * Arab Cultural & Community Center

Deaf Culture

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered Identities:

Multiculturalism and Sexual Diversity by Tom Caramagno

An Introduction to Queer Theory by Tom Caramagno

Did the original words of God really condemn homosexuality?  by Tom Caramagno

Lambda Community Center Diversity Matters

A coming out story by FLC student Eric Worth

Sacramento’s Lavendar Library: Archives and Cultural Exchange for LGBTs

Religious Diversity   

Buddhist Monks Visit FLC

Discrimination Against Disabled Students

Intercultural Communication:  Concepts, Bibliography, Links to Websites

Dr. Rona Halualani’s Intercultural Interaction Survey (Complete)

Quick Tips on Teaching and Diversity

Diverse Learning and Teaching Styles

Books and Articles on Diversity and Education

Links to Websites on Teaching and Diversity

Essay by Dean Monica Flores on “Education and Diversity.”

Essay by Prof. Tom Caramagno on “Bigotry and Diversity in Victorian Literature and Psychiatry.”

FLC’s Multicultural Club

FLC International Education Program

Rancho Cordova International Festival , part two, part three, part four, part five  


Films about diversity you can use in class (with links to descriptions):

Race: The Power of an Illusion  * What’s Race Got to do with It?  *  Skin Deep *  The Color of Fear  *  Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible  *  Discussing Diversity Issues  *  Not in Our Town II: Northern California *  Crash  *   New Films for Diversity Classes, Workshops and Dialogues  * People Like Us: Social Class in America  *   Black is ...Black Ain’t  *  On and Off the Res’ with Charlie Hill *  Dances With Wolves  *  Living in America: A Hundred Years of Ybor City  *  Miss India Georgia  *  I’m the One I Want with Margaret Cho  *   Tales From Arab Detroit  *  Bread and Roses *       Benaat Chicago: Growing up Arab and Female in Chicago  *  The Politics of Love in Black and White *   I Can’t Marry You (gay marriage)

DIVERSITY TRAINING you can use for FLEX credit:

          Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research

          Of Many Colors: Portraits of Multicultural Families

          Training the Trainers: iPride Multiethnic Education Program

          Intercultural Communication Institute

          Multicultural Curriculum Assessment Instrument

          Diversity Training University International

Multicultural Curriculum Assessment Instrument (can your course

include multicultural content/teaching strategies?)

FLC Courses with Multicultural Content

SCC Cultural Democracy Initiative


National Celebrations by Month
September 15-October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month

October: National Disability Employment Awareness Month
November: American Indian Heritage Month
February: Black History Month
March: Women's History Month
April/May: Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month


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