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Use this Media and Communications Studies Search Engine to locate academic information in the following categories: Gender and Ethnicity; Media Influence; Active Interpretation; Visual Image; and General Reference. The portal was established by Daniel Chandler and is currently hosted by the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.


American Leaders Speak: "The Library of Congress Nation's Forum Collection consists of fifty-nine sound recordings of speeches by American leaders from 1918-1920. The speeches focus on issues and events surrounding the First World War and the subsequent presidential election of 1920. Speakers include: Warren G. Harding, James Cox, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Samuel Gompers, Henry Cabot Lodge, and John J. Pershing. Speeches range from one to five minutes."


American Rhetoric: This online speech bank serves as an index to and growing database of 5000+ full text, audio and video (streaming) versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media events, and a declaration or two.


Communication Links: The communication faculty at Fullerton College has created a long list of links to communication and related sites along with research locations that may guide your initial searches on the Internet.


Earliest Voices: "A multimedia site presenting some of the most significant voices captured during the first fifty years of sound recording, 1877-1927. Historical Voices is an ongoing project creating a significant, fully searchable online database of spoken word collections spanning the 20th century. This site has been produced collaboratively by Michigan State University's Department of History, the Vincent Voice Library, and MATRIX: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters and Social Sciences Online."


Feminist Articles and Speeches: Included are transcripts of speeches organized by subject.


Gifts of Speech: Women's Speeches From Around the World: Search a collection of women's speeches by keyword, plus a list of "Nobel" lectures and their top 100 American speeches by men and women, compiled by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Texas A & M University.


Great Speeches: History Place: Great speeches from history in alphabetical order from Susan B. Anthony to Woodrow Wilson.


History and Politics Out Loud: "A searchable archive of politically significant audio materials for scholars, teachers and students. HPOL is a component of "Historical Voices" funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with Michigan State University." To hear the speeches click on each link and use with the audio program Real Player.


Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States: Use Bartleby's Great Books Online to search full-text transcripts of entire speeches from Washington to Barack Obama.


Kurylo's Communication Links: An excellent directory prepared and maintained by Anastacia Kurylo, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Communication Arts at Marymount Manhattan College.


Public Speaking Resource Center: A guide to public speaking resources and links available through the college division of Houghton Mifflin.


Presidential Rhetoric: This site provides a collection of important speeches from American Presidents for those interested in studying the presidency from a rhetorical perspective.


ProCon: "Promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan primarily pro-con format."


Vincent Voice Library: The G. Robert Vincent Voice Library is a collection of over 40,000 hours of spoken word recordings, dating back to 1888. The collection includes the voices of over 100,000 persons from all walks of life. Political and cultural leaders and minor players in the human drama are captured and cataloged to serve the research needs of a local, national and international user base. This spoken work collection is available through the Michigan State University Libraries.


Work Relationships: Browse the links and use the "Work Tips" to improve communication skills in the workplace.

American Communication Association: Excellent online resources in communication studies. The American Communication Journal is also available in full-text.  Featured articles and links cover controversial issues of interest.


Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor: "AATH was founded in 1987 by a group of healthcare professionals, primarily nurses. AATH is a non-profit professional organization that advances the understanding and application of humor and laughter for their positive benefits.


Debate Central: "Debate Central is a non-profit service of the Lawrence Debate Union and the University of Vermont, and is designed to promote debating at all levels, in all languages, and all around the world." This site offers information and resources for debating.


History Channel Speeches and Videos: Audio recordings of historical speeches. This site also includes historical videos of past world events.


Journal of Intercultural Communication: The goal of this open-access journal is to promote research but also education and training in the area of intercultural communication. The journal is an outgrowth of the activities of NIC - the Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication. Full-text issues are available online from 1999 to the current issue.


Mind Tools: Use the online instruction to develop effective communication skills in speaking and writing.


National Science Foundation Speech Archive: View selected speeches by NSF Director Arden L. Bement, Jr., NSF Deputy Director Kathie L. Olsen, Former NSF Deputy Director Joseph Bordogna, Former NSF Director Rita R. Colwell, Former NSF Director Neal Lane, Former NSF Deputy Director Anne Petersen.


OverViews Writing Services: High impact speeches, presentations, broadcast copy and business copy for busy public relations professionals, corporate executives and speakers.


Parts of Speech: The University of Ottawa Writing Centre's electronic grammar course provides this page that explains the eight parts of a speech and how this information applies to writing and delivering a speech.


Rhetoric of 9-11 Terrorist: "This SPECIAL ISSUE of the Online Speech Bank contains [114] active links to historic and recent speeches and other rhetorical artifacts following the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York and Washington D.C. Material in audio and streaming video formats requires a digital-audio player."


Salon Politics: An online political magazine featuring current events and commentaries on hot topics. Use this site to pick a popular topic.


Smithsonian Encyclopedia: The Smithsonian Institute has developed an A-Z encyclopedia that includes information in the following general categories: Art; Design; History; Culture; Science; Technology.


Social Media: A Guide for Researchers: "Social media is an important technological trend that has big implications for how researchers communicate and collaborate. Researchers have a huge amount to gain from engaging with social media in various aspects of their work. This guide has been produced by the International Centre for Guidance Studies, and aims to provide the information needed to make an informed decision about using social media and select from the vast range of tools that are available."


Study-Tour of Communication: This tutorial presents a fundamental overview of the study of communication with emphasis on the study of human communication. The sections may be used in any order, though a comprehensive study would normally begin with section number one."


Ted: Ideas Worth Spreading: This site makes the best talks and performances from TED available to the public, for free. More than 100 talks from our archive are now available, with more added each week. These videos are released under a Creative Commons license, so they can be freely shared and reposted.


Voices from the Past: Historical online texts written by famous Americans from the editors of North Georgia history.