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Folsom Lake College
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  The OER Center for California provides support for community college educators to find, create, remix, use, and share openly licensed learning content. Together, as knowledge workers, we can learn to share...and share to learn.  
Spring/Summer Vegetable Links

El Dorado County Master Gardener Website:


UC IPM Website:

  UC Vegetable Research and Information:

Plant A Row for the Hungry:

Spring 2010 Flex
Speed Demos
Social Everything
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Innovation Center videos on YouTube:

Fighting the Good Fight:
EFF - The Electronic Frontier Foundation fights for your digital rights. Enjoy electronic privacy? Thank EFF.
ALA - Information is power. Among other things, the American Library Association offers a fantastic summary of the TEACH Act
Lawrence Lessig - Stanford professor, former chair of the Creative Commons project, author of Free Culture and other good books
Defective By Design - A project of the Free Software Foundation. Your Fair Use rights are being eroded even as you read this. You will miss them when they are gone. Eliminate DRM!
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